Hello and thanks for visiting.  I am no writer so charge any edit issues to my mind and not my heart.    This is my first blog and I have no idea what I am doing.  My name is Alice (but those close to me call me Shelly) and after the pandemic, I realized that I would have to finish out my last workable years at home.  The office is no longer a viable option for me.  I am leaving the workforce I decided.  I must strike out on my own and make it happen and boss up.  Let me tell you why.  


As I've gotten older, what worked then does not work or fit in my life now.  That commute back and forth was no problem in my mid 20's going forward.  But now as I've gotten older, driving at 5:30 am, avoiding deer on my 45 minute average drive into work in the morning hits way different.  Also, some people are just nasty and this pandemic made me realize how much I enjoyed the 6ft distancing.  I am no introvert by any means but this pandemic revealed to me something new.  I do not need to socialize 40 hours a week to be happy.  In fact, the less socialization I have, the better for me mentally, emotionally and physically.  I've tried in the past side online e-commerce side hustles but I see now that even with that side hustle, major time was required to break even.  I am fully committed now to pursuing this full time venture of running my own online boutique.  Creating generational wealth for my family and believing in something bigger than myself.  So here we are.


I've had wins and losses and I will use this blog to share details of both and how my business is progressing because I have no idea of what I am doing.  Just kidding.  I have a little idea and I welcome and encourage everyone to chime in with their own experiences and support.  I will share upcoming promotions, sales and new products which I list weekly.  I will provide workshops, masterclasses and promote my e-books and this I am speaking into existence.  The palm tree and beach photos you will see on a lot of my blogs is a part of my vision board process.  I can easily run this business and other ventures in each and every one of those settings remotely.  That is the plan, the vision and my dream!


Running an online business is hard.  It is not easy.  Don't let people pump you into thinking anything other than it requires just as much work as your average 9-5.  I tell no lies.  I will share the good, the bad and the ugly.  Keeping it real and classy with a little bit of humor.  I will drop a little diamond knowledge to help other entrepreneurs along the way each blog.

Here is some Diamond Knowledge:  Do not believe that after a Start Your Own E-Commerce Store Workshop or Masterclass (they call them both) you will be able to have a store up and running in 30 minutes after taking the course.  It's easy they say.  We will walk you right through it.  It's super easy.  Trust and believe me when I say that in order to have a successful online store, your website must be properly cataloged, shipping/logistics accurately set, social media accounts linked up, a target audience, niche and a list of other things in line.  THIS REQUIRES MORE THAN 30 MINUTES!  Diamond Knowledge #1

I welcome you and appreciate your support and encouragement.  Feel free to comment, follow and share.  I will try to drop these blogs at least once a week but if I don't be sure that I am enjoying quality time with my beautiful grand daughter Nevaeh.  

So the picture of the potatoes is here because that is the only photo that would post.  Everything uploaded at an angle and sideways.  I said ok, this will work ha ha.  Must be a bug somewhere but I am not about to figure it out right now.  I have been working on this blog all day.  I mean literally all day.  I am tired.  Gonna have to work on this work life balance thing too.

So again, it will not take anyone 30 minutes straight out of a workshop to set up an online store!

Stay tuned!